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2018 Top 20 Under 40

I am extremely honoured and humbled to have been selected as a recipient of the 2018 Top 20 Under 40 Business & Community Achievement Awards. Thank you to Flawith Family President Shannon Flawith and our 3 awesome Lil Workers for your wicked help and support.

Huge thank yous to City of Courtenay Mayorial Candidate and Awesome Human Being (MCAHB) Bob Wells who nominated me and current Comox Mayor Paul Ives who put Top 20 Under 40 Chairman Roger McKinnon in a headlock and noogied him until he broke down and picked me as a winner.

Congratulations to fellow winner Kris Trudeau for representing the #ComoxValley too. Check out Kris' book Time Shift and her business Halftone Pixel Website Design and Consulting and get pixel shifted. Trust me, it's a thing, go look them up. Kris, you freaking rock, one day when I grow up I'm going to be a writer like you!

I'd also like to thank nominees Grant Powers and Greg Chadwick who Kris and I were lucky enough to sit with. You guys are hilarious, GO HURRICANES.

Shout outs to both the Precision Tree Services Ltd and Lil Worker Safety Gear crews for all your hard, dedicated work. You guys are really the ones doing it, I'm just riding your coat tails.

I blacked out during my speech and only remember one sentence - and I *think* it's worth repeating:

Do good things.

Nice looking hardware

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