#vizyourkids ~ protect priceless lives

Product Information

Sizing Chart

Here's a sizing chart to help #vizyourkids as precisely as possible!!!

Washing Instructions

I spent a loooooong time working to make Lil Worker Safety Gear the most durable work gear possible. I've found from over 15 years of experimenting with my own high visibility gear that correct wash and care is ESSENTIAL to prolonging the life of work gear.

Here is an easy to follow summary of the tricks I've learned to keep your Gear BRIGHT and SAFE:

1. Machine wash COLD.

2. Hang to dry.

3. HANG TO DRY (yes, this is so important I included it twice).

4. Wash with like colours.

5. Do NOT bleach.

6. Do NOT iron.

7. Do NOT dry clean.

If you find anymore tips or tricks to extend the life of your Gear, let me know and I'll update this page! Now that your Gear is back to being BRIGHT and SAFE, time to #vizyourkids!!!

Return Policy

I hate complex return policies, so I've replaced the generic, wordy, clear as mud policy that used to be here with this:

Just like growing up, shopping for kids can be tough work.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your order for any reason, please email me at james@lilworkersafety.ca and I'll make sure you're happy. Period. Full stop.

No messing around, no pain, no fussing, no crying, no haggling, no arguing. I promise I'll just make sure you're happy. That sounds like a good return policy to me.

~ James