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Keeping kids safe with CBC's Dragons' Den! Watch my pitch here:

As seen on Dragons' Den


I made Lil Worker Safety Gear, real safety gear for kids, for you. I made it for you because I love you. I made it for you because I know you love to dress up and pretend to be just like me when I'm at work. I couldn't find anything for you that looked like what I would wear at work so I made you some child-sized work gear myself. I made it for you because I know you love to run and play and it scares the hell out of me that one day you'll get a bit too carried away and run into the street at the precisely the wrong time. I've had nightmares about the accident, visions about it, cried about it and I promised myself that I would do anything I could to prevent it from happening. I hope that maybe by wearing something bright, something reflective, the driver might see you two milliseconds earlier and my tears would only be those of relief.

A near miss thanks to Lil Worker Safety Gear

I know I've been working a lot. I didn't know how hard and expensive it would be to make your safety gear. You see, I realized that other parents probably feel the exact same way I do. And now I want to give those parents safety gear to help them protect their children too. Isn't that the right thing to do? I'm stretching myself trying to be a good person, raise you and keep food on our table. I'm committed to helping, to making a positive difference, to protecting priceless lives. It's just really hard to keep it all together. I hope you understand. 

Hard at work

You know me. I'm not a seamstress. I can't sew. I can't draw. I drive bucket trucks and cut down big dangerous trees. I promise you that I've done the best with what I have. I will continue to make your safety gear better and better and better and better. I hope you love your gear as much as I love you.

Hard at play


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Rebecca M.

Verified purchase 12/16/2016

"We LOVE this jacket. It has saved my toddler from being lost in a crowd more than once and it is invaluable on the farm where we live. I bought it large so that I could use it over my 3 year old's non-waterproof winter coat this season, and it's perfect. We get so many compliments on it every time my son wears it. I will definitely be purchasing one for my daughter when she is walking."


Tara M.

Verified purchase 3/3/2017
My kids love there "work coats" and we do too! They are well made and warm and I sure notice how people really do take notice of my kids when they are wearing them. I also love how I can pick out my kid on a playground so easily!

Dave S.

Verified purchase 2/19/2017
"Kids love them."