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Lil Worker Safety Gear

Keep your kids safe with the best high visibility children's safety gear on the planet.

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The best high visibility children's clothing on the planet

The kids’ safety vests and other high visibility children’s clothing from Lil Worker Safety Gear are the best hi viz clothing for kids in Canada, in the United States and - let's get real - on the planet. Our safety gear is field tested by real Canadian kids and stands up to the harshest Candian environments.

Why does that matter?

Lil Worker high visibility children's clothing stops cars faster when kids are walking, riding bikes or playing near streets.

High visibility safety gear stops cars faster and keeps kids safer

Lil Worker high visibility children's clothing makes it easy to keep eyes on your kids while on group outings or playing in busy areas.

Kids' + Safety + Imagination = A win win with Lil Worker Safety Gear

Lil Worker high visibility children's clothing keeps kids active by sparking their imaginations and encouraging outdoor play.

Real safety gear keeps kids safe and visible on field trips and outside in public areas

Lil Worker high visibility children's clothing is ideal for school field trips, group outings, walking to school, riding bikes or playing in busy areas.

Keep your kids WARM. Keep your kids DRY. Keep your kids ACTIVE. Above all, keep your kids SAFE. Lil Worker Safety Gear has you – and your kids – covered.

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Rebecca M.

Verified purchase 12/16/2016

"We LOVE this jacket. It has saved my toddler from being lost in a crowd more than once and it is invaluable on the farm where we live. I bought it large so that I could use it over my 3 year old's non-waterproof winter coat this season, and it's perfect. We get so many compliments on it every time my son wears it. I will definitely be purchasing one for my daughter when she is walking."


Tara M.

Verified purchase 3/3/2017
My kids love there "work coats" and we do too! They are well made and warm and I sure notice how people really do take notice of my kids when they are wearing them. I also love how I can pick out my kid on a playground so easily!

Dave S.

Verified purchase 2/19/2017
"Kids love them."

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