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Hi Viz Kids' Safety Toque - orange
Hi Viz Kids' Safety Toque - orange
Hi Viz Kids' Safety Toque - orange

Hi Viz Kids' Hi Viz Safety Toque Orange

Hi Viz Kids’ Safety Toque




At the risk of re-igniting the age-old controversy of whether it’s called a toque, a winter hat, a beanie or even a bobble hat (seriously, some blokes call it a bobble hat), here goes: The Lil Worker Hi Viz Safety Toque is the warmest, safest, most cuddlyupmptious toque on the planet. And with two strips of our own woven right into the brim, your kids will be seen on the darkest, coldest days into which they dare to venture.


About the Hi Viz Kids’ Safety Toque:


  • Keep your kids SAFE and WARM! Bright, contrasting colours stand out in any crowd!
  • Lil Worker Safety Gear’s exclusive BriteWeave Ultra-Reflective Fibre is sewn right into the brim, ensuring your kids never take nearby motorists by surprise.
  • Super-soft, non-itchy acrylic fibre keeps kids warm and cosy all day long.
  • One size fits all school-aged children. Heck, stretch it out a bit and it fits a 40-year-old dad just fine, too.
  • Need to keep track of your group? These high-visibility toques are perfect for daycare facilities, teams and other children’s groups.

Other benefits of this high-visibility toque for kids:

  • You know how you’re always trying to coax your kids into dressing warmly? Well, they’ll actually WANT to wear this toque. You’re welcome.
  • Get your kids talking to you again! You’ll spend hours at the dinner table debating whether it’s called a toque, a beanie, a bobble hat, a winter cap, a knit cap, a . . .
  • Full disclosure: This high-visibility toque isn’t all good news. Your kid is going to suck at cold weather hide-and-seek.