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High Viz Kids' Safety Rain Jacket Orange
High Viz Kids' Safety Rain Jacket Orange
High Viz Kids' Safety Rain Jacket Orange

Hi Viz Kids' Hi Viz Kids' Safety Rain Jacket Orange

High visibility rain gear for children

Keep your kids SAFE and DRY with the Lil Worker high visibility rain jacket for children. This ultra high visibility rain gear for kids will keep your little ones safe while at play on dimly lit rainy days, while also keeping them drier than a baby powder factory in the Mojave Desert.

About the Hi Viz Kids’ Safety Rain Jacket:

  • Keep your kids SAFE! The first high-visibility rain jacket for kids designed to comply with the standards of workplace safety organizations.
  • Military grade Poly Oxford construction with 100% waterproof coating – West Coast approved!
  • Car-stopping, high contrast visibility day or night.
  • Revolutionary Clear-View Hood allows full peripheral vision when hood is up so kids see sneaky parents – and cars – sooner.
  • World-class 3M Scotchlite reflective materials deliver the highest visibility kids’ rain gear humanly possible (Seriously, this thing is Lady Gaga bright.)
  • Ultra high visibility Vizhawk hood is the rain jacket equivalent of a lighthouse on top of your kid’s head.
  • Ultra durable YKK zipper is guaranteed tougher than my mother-in-law’s roast beef.
  • Super tough, machine washable fabrics are designed to withstand the rigours of playtime.
  • Available in three high viz, high contrast colours and sizes from 18m to kids’ size 7.

Other benefits of this high visibility rain gear for children:

  • Makes tracking and finding your child easier at all times – even when you’re catching up on emails at the park. (Don’t worry, we’re not here to judge.)
  • Significantly reduces parental stress and worry. We yell at our children 14% less after investing in this high visibility kids’ rain gear.
  • Your children will actually want to play outside on rainy days. And they’ll be safe doing it!