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Kids safety gear = "BEST CONCEPT" finalist!!!

Lil Worker Safety Gear is a #SBBCAward finalist!

Thank you all for supporting our run for the BEST CONCEPT Small Business BC award! My line of kids' safety shirts, vests, fleece and jackets made it right to the end of the competition, narrowly missing the top spot and taking home the trophy!

I had a great time, made a whole bunch of connections and got some invaluable experience going through the award process. Special THANKS to my friend Jesse from ArctiCup and Cathy "The Connected Woman" for their advice and company during the awards ceremony!

I'll admit that the best part of all this was continuing to spread the message to #vizyourkids to parents and guardians everywhere! Let's continue to make kids VISIBLE and SAFE wherever they go!

PS - I'll be taking Lil Worker Safety Gear into the Dragon's Den to look for some major league help in April! Stay tuned for updates!!!

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Lil Worker Safety Gear has been nominated for Small Business BC's "BEST CONCEPT" award! The award is for, ahem ahem [insert mature voice], the best new company in BC which has "a phenomenal and viable idea that's going to make an impact." I think inspiring people across North America to #vizyourkids and protect their children's priceless lives is a pretty phenomenal idea that's sure going to make an impact! If you agree PLEASE CLICK THE LINK AND VOTE FOR US!

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I Held Love

your tiny fingers danced in the dark
I held your foot in the palm of my hand
body curled up in mine
I stayed still
I held my breath
and listened

I look back now
and see Us there
warm bottle
rocking chair
slowly swaying into sleep

I think of the all times we fought
the things we said
the Beings we’re not
biting, scratching, clawing mad
I don’t have to be that Dad
the future not yet set in stone
a lesson learned before we’ve grown

your tiny fingers dancing in the dark
I hold your foot in the palm of my hand
body curled up in mine
I stay still
I hold my breath
and I promise not to forget
to bite my breath
and listen

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A Letter to my Sons

A letter to my sons:

I made Lil Worker Safety Gear for you. I made it for you because I love you. I made it for you because I know you love to dress up and pretend to be just like me when I'm at work. I couldn't find anything for you that looked like what I would wear at work so I made your own child-sized work gear myself. I made it for you because I know you love to run and play and it scares the hell out of me that one day you'll get a bit too carried away and run into thestreet at the precisely the wrong time. I've had nightmares about the accident, visions about it, cried about it and I promised myself that I would do anything I could to prevent it from happening. I hoped that maybe if you were wearing something bright, something reflective, the driver of the car might see you one or two milliseconds earlier and my tears may only be those of relief.

I know I've been working a lot. I had no idea how hard and expensive it would be to make your safety gear. I realized that other parents probably feel exactly the same way as I do, and I felt responsible for making our safety gear available to protect their children too. I didn't think it would be this difficult, but I'm committed to helping, to making a positive difference, to protecting priceless lives. I know you understand.

You know me. I'm not a seamstress. I can't sew. I can't draw. I cut down big dangerous trees near power lines. I promise you that I've done the best with what I have. I plan on continuing to make your safety gear better and better and better and better. I hope you love your gear as much as I love you.

#vizyourkids coming November 2016


Because the hazards at work are the same as at play.

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Super Cute Picture!

This isn't a huge post, I just wanted to put something permanent up of one of my Lil Workers. Soooo friggin' cute!

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