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Zacady does TREE WORK!

Zacady is a young boy who LOVES to work and he can do ANYTHING. He wakes up when his clock turns yellow. That’s when he knows it’s time to RISE AND SHINE. He eats a BIG breakfast so he has LOTS of energy to get the job done!


After breakfast Zacady throws on his work gear and yells “BYE BYE MOMANDDAD, SEE YOU LATER!” as he heads out the door.


Today is a really really really exciting day because today Zacady is working as a tree worker! Tree workers use gigantic boom trucks and climb super high to cut down dangerous trees! Chainsaws and ropes are tools tree workers use on their jobs. Massive wood chippers mulch up the tree branches and haul them away! WOW, this is going to be a COOL day!

The boom trucks are GIGANTIC trucks, and there is lots to do so Zacady makes sure he gets to work early. He flies the boom up in the air to make sure it’s safe to use for the day. He sharpens the chainsaws so they cut wood fast and straight. He even takes out the garbage!

When he pulls the boom truck up to the dangerous tree, Zacady puts out his “MEN AT WORK” signs and cones off the work area so everyone knows to STAY BACK. Work zones are DANGEROUS and if you’re not working on a site you need to give the crew LOTS of room to get their work done safely!

The tree crew has a tailboard meeting about how they’re going to take down the dangerous tree safely and Zacady writes it all down to make sure everyone knows their job. Today Zacady’s job is to go up in the boom and cut the tree down! SO AWESOME!!!

The boom goes up really really really high, and Zacady goes right to the top of the tree. He slices the branches off on the way up and then cuts the trunk wood into chunks on the way down. He always asks his ground crew “ALL CLEAR?” on the radio and doesn’t drop anything until his crew answers “ALL CLEAR!” to make sure they are all safe!

The tree has been cut and the boom is cradled again. “BLOMP BLOMP” Zacady honks the horn TWO TIMES and waits for the crew “ALL CLEAR!” before moving it ahead to finish chipping up the tree branches. The crew all give Zacady THUMBS UP so he knows it’s safe to move the truck.

After all the branches are all fed into the MASSIVE wood chipper, Zacady grabs his really really really HUGE chainsaw. He uses his saw to cut down the tree stump. “MWWWHAAA MWWWHAAA MWWWHAAA” WHUMP! That tree stump is DOWN! It’s SO FUN and he’s glad he got to work early and sharpened the saw because the saw is SUPER SHARP!!!


Now that the tree is down and everyone is safe it’s time to go dump the wood chips and park for the day. Zacady unhitches the chipper, honks twice “BLOMP BLOMP!” and backs up to the wood chip pile “BEEP-BEEP! BEEP-BEEP! BEEP-BEEP!” The chip box on the truck lifts really really really high and all the chips fall out. Nice work Zacady!

After dumping the wood chips, Zacady hooks the chipper back up to the boom truck and drives it back to the park spot. Once they’re parked the crew goes over all the equipment to make sure it’s ready to work again tomorrow. The fuel levels are checked. The saw gas and bar oil for the chainsaws are filled up. The chipper is greased up. Everything is ready. HOLY SMOKES that was FUN!

Back at home Zacady helps Momanddad get dinner ready. He worked hard today and he is HUNGRY! At dinner he tells Momanddad all about his day as a tree worker. Momanddad are IMPRESSED!

Zacady goes to bed early, he is TIRED from another BIG WORK DAY. He needs to get really really really good sleep so he’s ready for work tomorrow. Good night Zacady, see you in the morning!

REAL safety gear for kids. Because growing up is tough work.

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Lil Worker Safety Gear has been nominated for Small Business BC's "BEST CONCEPT" award! The award is for, ahem ahem [insert mature voice], the best new company in BC which has "a phenomenal and viable idea that's going to make an impact." I think inspiring people across North America to #vizyourkids and protect their children's priceless lives is a pretty phenomenal idea that's sure going to make an impact! If you agree PLEASE CLICK THE LINK AND VOTE FOR US!

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I Held Love

your tiny fingers danced in the dark
I held your foot in the palm of my hand
body curled up in mine
I stayed still
I held my breath
and listened

I look back now
and see Us there
warm bottle
rocking chair
slowly swaying into sleep

I think of the all times we fought
the things we said
the Beings we’re not
biting, scratching, clawing mad
I don’t have to be that Dad
the future not yet set in stone
a lesson learned before we’ve grown

your tiny fingers dancing in the dark
I hold your foot in the palm of my hand
body curled up in mine
I stay still
I hold my breath
and I promise not to forget
to bite my breath
and love

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A letter to my sons

Why I started Lil Worker Safety Gear.
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Super Cute Picture!

This isn't a huge post, I just wanted to put something permanent up of one of my Lil Workers. Soooo friggin' cute!

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