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Danger of the month: Parenthood

Introducing our monthly column! In the first installment, we take a look at the perils of parenting. Just how dangerous is this job? Read on to find out...
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Life your work

Let me tell you why I think life is work, and why that's awesome. Straight from the guy who sees kids as Lil Workers.
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Letting go

Sometimes it's not easy letting go, not even for Superman.
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My kids are better off without me

This mom regularly sends her kids outside to play without supervision. That's right, her kids explore, create their own kid-type fun, and tackle any challenges that arise without any adult supervision. 

Is she nuts? Or is she simply refusing to bubble wrap her kids? Click to read more about how and why she's hoping to instill a little old-fashioned independence and responsibility.

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2018 Top 20 Under 40

A wild ride of gratitude for everyone who helped with my recent selection for 2018's Top 20 Under 40 Business & Community Achievement Award. Thank you all for helping keep kids safe!
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