#vizyourkids ~ keep kids safe

Danger of the month: Pencils

No longer filled with lead, but they're still dangerous. Here's why you should consider picking up a pen instead of a pencil...
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Too many toys?

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it's time to think about giving our kids less. Yes, we said less! 

It's time to get creative, save some money, and help your kids get more out of play. Check out these four gift giving strategies that we have for you...

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Get 25% off Hi Viz vests, bands and toques!

Make sure your little goblins and princesses are safe and seen this Halloween. 

Lil Worker is offering a 25% discount on Hi Viz vests, bands and toques!!!

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Danger of the month: Licking stuff

What's the deal with kids licking things? Anything! So gross...

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Give kids some independence – give them a bike

look at the benefits of biking independently and other alleged “dangerous” activities...
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