#vizyourkids ~ keep kids safe

Safety Gear for Kids

I do tree work for a living.  My young sons want to be just like me.  They want to drive a bucket truck, they want to wear a hard hat, they want to wear a high visibility work shirt.  When I tried to find high viz work clothing in small children's sizes, I found next to nothing.  During my search, I realized high visibility clothing does more than allow our kids to make believe they're mommy or daddy.  Wearing high viz can be a way to protect their lives.

I'm not a businessman.

I'm not an entrepreneur.

I'm a father.

And I want to protect my children from careless drivers, from speeding vehicles, from getting lost.  I developed this product to protect my own children, and felt obligated to try to help other parents protect their children as well.

Because a life, anyone's life, is priceless.

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