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Spring/Summer 2018 Child Fashion Trends: The Key Looks You Need to Know

In case you haven’t heard, there are some alarming kids’ fashion trends dominating 2018. The push is coming from out West, of all places. Usually Luddites when it comes to new fashion, the West is blazing a bright contrasting trail across the country, shocking Eastern designers and parents alike. Mark my words: Designers, influencers, and all the incredibly stylish kids you see on the street seem to be on the same page about a handful of trends—a certain pattern of reflective material, a particular kind of colour. Before you know it, those trends will be swamping your neighbourhood. You won't be able to go anywhere without noticing them. So, before they reach that level of pervasiveness, brush up on the five children’s fashion trends taking over in 2018.

This season, safety is in style

  1. Ultra Fuschia

Face melting fuschia Lil Worker Safety Gear design

Face melting fuchsia

PixyKids announced 2018's Color of the Year to be Ultra Fuchsia, "an enchanting pink shade that offers designers versatility of expression," per its press release. The shade represents "our shared desire to enhance female status and equality"—and it's one that's already had a presence on the streets in 2018. So far sightings have been reported in Comox, Anchorage and Los Angeles. Brave boys are jumping on the equality bandwagon, smashing sexist concepts of masculinity and femininity across North America. Expect to see the pink hue everywhere in 2018.

  1. Highly reflective striping

Reflection perfection

Reflection perfection
We've already seen hints of reflective materials in 2017 on kids’ fashion runways. The next iteration? Retina-blasting levels of retroreflectivity. Be prepared to don sunglasses at dusk as kids will be gearing up with unprecedented layers of highly reflective materials. Fashionista Ryan Parton said it best, “the designs and materials used this season are undeniably the brightest in recorded human history.” Even Ashley Lemontaigne, top critique at the French magazine Le Petit Prétentieux, was heard to gasp, “oui, oui, incroyable!” When Lemontaigne is on board, you better board on, before there’s no room on the board for you.
  1. Backpacks

The safest backpack on the planet????

Backpack: Charged with murdering the fanny pack

The Spring 2018 runways confirmed it: Whether you like it or not, backpacks have taken over from the fanny packs of 2017. Alaina Hewitt and her crew jumped on the newly released VizPack from Lil Worker Safety Gear in early 2018 and have been sporting them around safely in Maple Ridge ever since. We estimate that these versatile, loud designs will be totally saturating the New York child fashion scene by the end of 2018. Come back at the end of the year and read this, “you were warned.”

  1. Warm toques

Warm toque takeoever

Slapping the face of cold toques

James Flawith, the Wicked Western Wunderkind, aka 3Dub, is the man behind the safe style phenomenon. He has reignited our fire for warm toques. Embers are still smouldering from the “cold toque” craze that seized small heads in 2014. 3Dub has been quoted widely in the media for his harsh criticism of cold toques, calling them, “the stupidest thing he’s ever seen in his life.” Retribution is a dish best served piping hot; cold little heads have been warmed up as Flawith unveiled his risqué new warm toque line. “Why in the hell would you buy a toque that doesn’t keep you warm?” 3Dub quipped at an LWSG launch party back in March. We say, good riddance to cold rubbish.

  1. Vests

Kids agree: This is the most awesomest child safety vest ever

Is this the best vest on the planet???

It wouldn't be a fashion trend roundup if there wasn't mention of a trend from the past suddenly making a comeback. We're breaking this news first, as reports from Cumberland, Calgary, Toronto and Chicago confirm it: The wild child vests of the '90s are back, brighter and bolder than ever. (Hello, new viz for spring!) In 2018, we're seeing a progression like never before. Preschools, daycares and elementary schools are buzzing with reflective little bees at drop-off, recess, lunch and pick-up. Don’t let your kid go unseen, as versatile vests are viztacular for a very vast variety of various vocations.


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