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Good man

Back in August 2017, Scott Morphy of Stittsville Tree Service contacted me asking if Lil Worker Safety Gear could help him give back to his community. Scott's concept was simple: kids always stopped to watch him and the Stittsville Tree crew working, maybe he could give the kids something viztacular to remember them by? I thought it was a freaking fantastic idea, I mean, another tree guy looking to keep kids safe? How awesome is that?

Fast forward to 2018. Scott and Stittsville Tree have given out over 150 pieces of kids' safety gear in their community. Great googly moogly, eh? I decided to call Scott to figure out more about this good man.

James Flawith: When did you start Stittsville Tree Service?

Scott Morphy: Stittsville Tree Service actually started as Stittsville Stump Grinding in spring 2016 then I quickly realized my customers and the market wanted way more than just stumps. I bought my first bucket truck in that fall and haven’t looked back since. Like all businesses, there has been ups and downs. But we are still smiling most days.

Flawith: Why did you start Stittsville Tree Service?

Morphy: I’ve always been quite entrepreneurial. Finally, I just put all the chips in the dump box and I went for it. Lots of hard work and time put in but there’s no better feeling than employing yourself and others.

Flawith: Can you explain what you're doing to help promote your business?

Morphy: We have a basic website but believe it or not Facebook has been fantastic for us. It’s truly the modern day's form of word of mouth marketing. I’ve run a few promotions on there like the Lil Worker promo.

Flawith: Has giving away Lil Worker Safety Gear helped you?

Morphy: The Lil Worker promo has been a great success for us. Just as I love my Lil Worker, people lover their own Lil Workers more than anything. When we give the safety shirts away it puts a smile on the kids, the parents, the grandparents and our faces equally. The bottom line: giving the shirts away to Lil Workers makes us feel like a million bucks, so regardless of the return on investment we love the response. They keep kids safe too.

Kids safety: Stittsville Tree-style

Flawith: You freaking rock. What do customers think of what you're doing?

Morphy: They are loving it! So much that we are ordering another big batch. I even had a couple adults feel left out and had to rob from the crew's stash of safety shirts.

Flawith: What does the Stittsville Tree Service crew think of the idea?

Morphy: I think they thought I was nuts at first, but I quickly convinced them this was a fantastic idea. The crew loves when a Lil Worker gets their new Lil Worker Safety Gear shirt. It’s a great feeling when these kids look up at the crews, both literally and figuratively.

Sledding safely with Lil Worker Safety Gear

Flawith: I need a tree removed. How much will it cost?

Morphy: Loaded question! Well, I wouldn’t be lying when I say anywhere from free to well, the sky’s the limit. But regardless we treat our customers as fair as possible. We work hard for our pay cheques and understand that our customers do too. 

Flawith: I live in Ottawa, Ontario and want to hire the best tree service in the whole place. How do I get a hold of you?

Morphy: We'd love to hear from you! Here are our contact details.
Phone: 1-613-296-9000
Email: scott@stittsvilletree.com
Web: www.stitttsvilletree.com
Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/treesandstumps/

Scott Morphy of Stittsville Tree Service, Ontario in the trees

Scott Morphy of Stittsville Tree Service. Good man.

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