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Danger of the month: Slime

YouTube sensation and parents’ latest nemesis

Slime. I hate the stuff.

I hate it in my carpet, messing up my kitchen counters and staining my kid’s clothes.

Not only is my glue always all gone when I need it, it feels like I’m buying contact lens solution and corn starch every second week. My Tupperware’s disappearing, and I’ve gained four pounds this month. (Okay, that last one may or may not be related to the slime craze.)  

Who started this whole slime business, and why are kids so into it anyways?


Is it the glue industry?

Remember when glue and paste was for eating?

And the worst thing about it was the whole, you know, horse issue?

Not anymore, my friends.

The last time my kid dragged me to the school supplies aisle, I was overwhelmed with options. There are coloured glues, sparkly glues, clear and “slime-activating” glues. I mean she actually asked for glue for Christmas. (Bet she’ll look back with regret on that Christmas wish in a few years’ time…)

I don’t know who the culprit is, but I sure know who’s benefiting from this fad. I’d like to see a bar graph of glue sales for the last few quarters. Hmmm, maybe I should talk to my investment guy.


YouTube needs to share the blame

As far as watching things on the internet, I guess kids could do worse than looking at slime videos.

Personally, I don’t get it.

The bad special effects and gratuitous close-ups, the inane dialogue, the unattainable and unrealistic products being flaunted, the squishy sounds intermingled with squeals of ecstasy. Wait a minute. That sounds a lot like . . . never mind.


Is it all bad?

Well, I suppose there’s the whole science-y reaction thing.

I guess it can feel kinda cool when you squish it. Plus, it’s cheap to make and fun to share with others. It’s mostly non-toxic and doesn’t stink too badly.

And, if nothing else, now our kids have the strength to give a firm handshake, so that’s something that may pay off some day. 


Sigh. I guess us parents can make it through and endure this latest annoyance.

At least until the next one comes along.


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