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Danger of the month: Licking stuff

Out of the mouths of babes – the things kids lick

At the local library they have a bucket for things that have gone in and out of the mouth of babes. And toddlers. And four-year-olds.

Its always full.

And thats because kids lick EVERYTHING! What is UP with that?

Oh, people will tell you there are various reasons, be it an oral fixation from breast feeding, vitamin deficiencies, sensory issues.

Whatever. I think its because kids are gross and not very smart. There, I said it.


They give a licking and keep on ticking

I mean, who, in their right mind, would lick the handle on a shopping cart? My kid would! Repeatedly.

Who would go out and lick a frosty stop sign? My 7-year-old brother did! Then he ripped his tongue off it and lost the first layer of skin. No hot chocolate for him for a while.

When my husband was a kid he licked an icy screen door, got rescued from the back porch by his mom with a cup of warm water, and then went around to the front door and did it again! See? Not smart!

Not only that, they lick each other! Dont they know how germy they are?

Books, bars of soap, railings, door knobs, the poles on busses and subways, cats. Ive seen it all.


Kids are gross. Dont get me started.


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