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Danger of the month: Cooking

Razor-sharp knives, burning-hot stoves, big messes – what’s the upside?

Want to keep your kids safe? Keep them out of the kitchen.

I mean, is there a more dangerous room in your home? Filled with implements of destruction and torture, why would any parent in their right mind let their kids near a fridge, let alone a full kitchen? Honestly, the only place that’s worse is the garage, what will all the poisons and power tools.

After all, there’s plenty of commercially prepared, highly processed food around. And if there isn’t, certainly you, as a parent, would be willing to drop everything you’re doing to make Timmy a nice grilled cheese sandwich, wouldn’t you?


Take back control

Confucius may think it’s better to teach a kid to cook rather than give them a fish sandwich (or something like that), but what does he know? Once you let a kid learn to cook, they take control. Sure, they may be more self-sufficient, but next thing you know they’ll be bugging you to try cooking new things or buy different ingredients. Heaven forbid they expand their dietary horizons.


Keep the heat off, keep ‘em safe

Outside of the easy-bake type, no child should get near an oven or stove. And don’t even get me started on the knife drawer or kettles. Some may argue that learning safe and responsible use of potentially dangerous items can help give kids a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem; it can also help give them third-degree burns! No one ever got hurt pouring a bowl of cereal.    


Avoid the messiness

Cooking inevitably means cleaning. And we all know kids suck at cleaning. Yes, we could teach them that part of the process, too, but that requires more supervision and effort from us. Isn’t it easier to just heat up something pre-made and pre-packaged? No muss, no fuss, and the styrofoam just goes in the garbage. 


Following instructions, learning from mistakes, getting a better understanding of fractions. Who needs it?

Anyone who tells you that kitchens and kids are a great combination is half-baked.  

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