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10 wicked back to school safety tips for kids

Bringing safety back [to school]

Days are getting shorter. Christmas is starting to make its first appearance in retail stores. Yes, you heard it, I said the "C" word. Summer is winding down. Parents across North America have the bittersweet lemony taste of freedom in their mouths as they eagerly anticipate the greatest event of the year: back to school.

Lil Worker Safety Gear knows what it takes to make sure your kids are safe heading back to school.

10 wicked safety tips to help keep your kids safe!

  1. Dress kids in bright, contrasting, highly reflective clothing for their walk/bike/scooter ride to and from school
  2. Map out a route to and from school that avoids major intersections and super busy roads
  3. Make a game out of identifying road signs and the rules of the road with your kids while you're bopping around town
  4. Keep a schedule and make it a habit to have your kids check in so you know where they are (and that they're safe)
  5. Practice holding hands to keep children from darting out onto the road or outside of crosswalks
  6. Model safe road habits for your children.
  7. Travel in groups. Vehicles are more likely to take notice, slow down and make way for groups.
  8. When driving, make a game of identifying hazards and unsafe actions so kids become familiar with the view of the road from a vehicle's perspective.
  9. Check the weather before heading out and layer clothing accordingly.
  10. Keep slips, trips and falls to a minimum by ensuring your children are wearing footwear appropriate for the season.

Any suggestions?



I'm not about to drop the mic and walk out like this list is the be-all and end-all of back to school safety tips for kids. If you've got an idea I haven't covered, let us know in the comments!

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